POTEMA® Mattress Cleaning

POTEMA's Mattress Cleaning System is the hygienic NON-CHEMICAL solution to eradicate mites, the cause of most allergies and Asthma. House dust mites feed on dead skin flakes that people shed and the mattress is one of their most targeted continuous feeding grounds. The older the mattress is, the more important it is to get it cleaned. Even a new mattress can be affected by dust-mites before you buy it. And children’s mattresses have to be cleaned regularly to prevent allergies.

Having your mattress cleaned ensures good health for your family, clients and friends, – leaving you to enjoy a good night sleep!

It is recommended to have a mattresses cleaned at intervals of 6 to 12 months and turn your mattress every 3 month. images22

POTEMA®  created this cleaning system, because mattresses can’t be washed.

The POTEMA® Mattress Cleaning System produces high frequented vibrations nearby ultrasound. The vibrations dissolve the dirt from inside the mattress and pulverises it, after this the particles are removed by a special vacuum, which is specially adjusted to mattressses.  Simultaneously, UV-C radiation disinfects the surface of the mattress. This function ensures that all viruses, bacteria and molds are virtually eradicated. This safe disinfection system provides excellent results for maintaining good health.

The POTEMA® Mattress cleaning system works without using any Chemicals!

POTEMA®  Mattress Cleaning got evaluated by the allergists of the European Centre  for Allergy Research Foundation and  got assigned with a ECARF QUALITY SEAL.ECARF POTEMA seal

If you are guest in a hotel, please look out for the POTEMA® certificate, which is a guaranty of your healthy stay while you are there.  That way, you are sure of not sleeping in the vaporization and residues left behind by the previous guests. Can anything be more disgusting than that? No. So, stand up and be a part of this new hygiene revolution and see to it that mattress cleaning is a duty in every housing enterprise.

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