Cut your Energy & Water bills with Antislip Energy & Water Saving Devices. Whether you are Residential Consumer or a Commercial Consumer reducing your bills and your carbon footprint is a step in the right direction to a better and more environmentally friendly future.

Unnecessary energy consumption is expensive and causes environmental pollution.

2Climate change brings extreme weather events, such as fierce winter storms. Giant waves break down flood defences, damaging properties, farmland and delicate ecosystems.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by more than a third since pre-industrial times.

In the 20th century we saw an increase of 0.6°C globally; the world’s top scientists predict a rise of 1.4°C-5.8°C this century.

Climate change will affect our environment in many ways, from eroding our coastlines, to changing weather conditions and new species of plants dominating the countryside.

Save Energy! Save money! Save The Planet !- Don’t waste your money practice energy efficiency.


Saving water can reduce your water bill!WaterDropWorld11copy

Also reducing the impact on your local environment, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using less energy to pump, heat and treat the water.

When we use water, we are often using energy – mostly to heat the water. Generating energy produces carbon dioxide emissions – and carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases which causes climate change. No one likes to waste water. However, only about 8% of people realise their water usage contributes to their energy bills. Simple water use changes can save you money.

Find out how to save MONEY and ENERGY/WATER – CONTACT US NOW!!

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