Now we have the solution for areas like wheelchair ramps, Steps of Buildings, access ramps and Areas of Decking on Boats, by applying our new Antislip Paints. Durable, flexible, non abrasive, easy to clean and weather resistant.

Antislip Resin Paint Service

Non-Slip Resin Floors are a cost effective solution to providing a non-slip – anti-slip – anti-skid – slip resistant surface in a large amount of Commercial and Industrial Environments.

Resin Flooring Products and Resin Floor Systems come in a wide range of different types.

With many different application and performance characteristics. images 3

Resin Floors can be suitable for use in all types of industries, to provide new or upgraded floor finishes.

Whether this be in factory production facilities (for wet and dry process areas), Hygienic Production Areas and Rooms, Oil Rigs,  Power Production or Transmission Facilities also in Hotels, Aqua Parks and all of the Marine Industry. 

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In other words – Resin Flooring has almost unlimited uses, and provides a very efficient and cost effective solution for the floor finishes of almost every type of building and structure.

Antislip Egypt specializes in offering Slip Solutions for Fibre Bathtubs and Showers, Ramps, Staircase Edgings, Wheel Chair Access and Wood Areas which is an essential sector in the hotel industry.

Our Antislip Paints come in a range of different colours including high visibility colours.



DISCLAIMER: SAFETY DIRECT EGYPT/Antislip Egypt offers support and advice in Prevention of Slip/fall accidents and product after sales service. SAFETY DIRECT EGYPT/ANTISLIP EGYPT Products helps to reduce the risk of slip/fall accidents, but does not warrant or guarantee to the client, or any other person or party, against the Occurrence of slip/falls, or other accidents, personal injury, or property damage of any nature. Accidents and falls may occur on treated areas, if not maintained regularly with our maintenance program and also due to other influential factors, such as allegedly slipping, falling, tripping, or stumbling on treated areas due to other party negligence


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