The Sagewash™ Sanitizer Advantage Turn Water into Magic!

Using the Sagewash™ Sanitizer System ELIMINATES: Canine Parvovirus, Avian Influenza (Bird Flu), Corona Virus, MRSA, HIV Virus, Staphylococcus, Hepatitis Virus, Streptococcus, Salmonella, Pseudorabies, Tuberculosis, Swine Parvovirus, Distemper, E.Coli, Rabies, Camphlobacter, Candida, Norovirus & Listeria




The Sagewash Sanitizer is not only a hose-end sprayer.  It is a precisely calibrated, scientifically designed and tested, patented sanitizing system.  The Sagewash Sanitizer will effectively clean, sanitize, and eliminate odours while blasting away dirt with a jet stream of water.

The hydro-injection venturi system produces a solution of hypochlorous acid that is up to
120 times more effective than liquid bleach!

Sagewash Sanitizer is so easy to use that you will sanitize more often with increased effectiveness.

Simply connect the Sagewash Sanitizer to the hose and spray. There is no need to worry about proper dispensing – it’s automatic!

The Sagewash™ Sanitizer Advantage Sagewash Sanitizer system copy

Sagewash Sanitizer is a patented, 21st century system revolutionizing the environmental hygiene industry.  Sagewash Sanitizer means disinfection from the end of a hose

1.  ECONOMICAL: User cost is an extension of chlorination level and the amount of water used. For example, in an animal shelter, the cost will be under one half cent per gallon of disinfectant solution

2.  ONE-STEP WASHDOWN OPERATION:  The Sagewash Sanitizer provides a continually renewed source of hypochlorite disinfectant throughout the washdown process. Because of this and the “roll-over” effect of washdown, Sagewash Sanitizer can disinfect the environment and give the user the simplest, most efficient disinfectant tool available today. Unlike many other disinfectants, Sagewash Sanitizer requires no pre-rinse and no potable water rinse afterwards to remove harmful chemical residues. Practically speaking, Sagewash Sanitizer means disinfection from the end of a hose.

3.  NO BATCH-MIXING: Because of its “point-of-use” design, Sagewash Sanitizer eliminates the need for proportioners, complex metering devices, and batch-mixing of chemicals by your workers. With Sagewash Sanitizer you only use what you need, no more.  Furthermore, since there is no batchmixing, Sagewash Sanitizer limits worker liability while enhancing worker safety and shortening the clean-up time.

•   Kills bacteria
•   Kills viruses
•   Kills mold
•   Kills algae
•   Eliminates the need for scrubbing
•   No bleach stains Each Tablet lasts up to 3 1/2 hours of continual use


Using the Sagewash™ Sanitizer System ELIMINATES:


                                                         Canine Parvovirus                           Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

                                                         Corona Virus                                      MRSA

                                                          HIV Virus                                           Staphylococcus

                                                          Hepatitis Virus                                 Streptococcus

                                                          Salmonella                                          Pseudorabies

                                                          Tuberculosis                                      Swine Parvovirus

                                                          Distemper                                           E. Coli

                                                          Rabies                                                   Camphlobacter

                                                          Candida                                                Norovirus



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